Quality assurance

Generally, it is not unusual to bring in external quality assurers for externally funded studies. NORAH went even further than many previous studies.

Internal quality assurance

The scientists of the NORAH Study subjected themselves to an internal quality assurance committee. Its members followed them in their work and reviewed the methods and results before they were submitted to the principal.

External quality assurance

The Scientific Advisory Board for Quality Assurance (WBQ) of the NORAH Study was independent of the researching scientists and reviewed their work in all steps. Two WBQ members each reported on one sub-study. The Öko-Institut – an independent environmental research institute – supported
the quality assurance process. It advised the client of NORAH Study, the Gemeinnützige Umwelthaus GmbH, in scientific questions and acted as an interface between principal, scientific consortium and the WBQ.

For more information on the quality assurance of the NORAH Study, see “NORAH Knowledge” no. 9 or click here.

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